The worst kind of DM and DMGF ever final part


On the last session we began with them remind us, that probably on this session would die a character, because it was so difficult to win and they ended that sentence with a smug.

So we started the session escaping the Death House and we went to a riverside to rest a little. Rock the orc began to cock the potatoes and made a soup for the party and of nowhere appeared Coco the monk resurrected as a zombie. The DM told us proudly that when a player died for the first time, it needed to make a pact with a dark entity to come to life again, but always with a catch that imposed you to follow their decisions.

After this revelation that only made me more infuriated and frustrated, we heard noices near our campament and we saw a pair of yellow eyes following us. So as I wasn't the brightest mind on our group, I decided to throw there a potatoe that impacted to the target. The girlfriend began to yell me, because how I dare to throw her a potatoe and even she insulted me. On that moment I knew that this was my last session with them, because I didn't want more of their bullshit.

So she appeared as a Kitsune with the less clothes that she would have and magically my potatoes disappeared, but I only wanted to end the session, so I didn't mind.

The next morning, we heard a voice calling for help and we were railroaded to enter another mansion that appeared and to have this new companion that was so narcisist, because reasons. The mansion had jappanes decorations and we decided to investigate. Uldritch rolled a natural 20, to identify the room and some corpses that were near. Meanwhile Bites investigated a serie of orbs that were near and rolled a 21. The DM said that they didn't find anything, but when we were going to leave the room, we began to hear boss music and all of them, with some more that appeared magically, began to rise and the battle began.

We were outnumbered and we decided that Uldritch and Rock would gain time, so Coco and Bites would escape. We proceeded with the plan, Rock and Uldritch tried their best, but it was a futile battle and Uldritch died. Rock was making his best, but when Coco and Bites were just at the exit, the DM told us that they wouldn't escape and if half of the party died it was an automatically tpk. I don't how I didn't yell or tell anything,but my fury and impotence was so high that I was strangely calm. The DM yell us and asked why we didn't take the orbs and throw to the zombies, because apparently it was so obvious. So the girlfriend that until that moment didn't do anything to help us, decided to take one and threatened to throw one to my direction and kill me. At first I thought that I didn't hear well, but when I saw that she was serious, I had a stroke of genius and remembered that as a half-orc I had an ability that would make me wake up with 1 hp. So I told her that I hadn't any problem and I was waiting at any moment with a smile on my face. She told that it wasn't funny and she didn't like that I wasn't begging for help. At the end when she saw that it didn't matter to me, she threw the orb to the zombies and the combat finished.

The rest of the party decided to investigate the rest of the mansion and found a scroll of resurrection and a diamond. The DM told us that we needed the diamond for using the scroll and of course the girlfriend stoled us the diamond, because it was shinny. We tried talking with her, but she didn't pay us any attention. We tried to to take the diamond by force, but she had a series of autosuccess. So the DM presented us a cleric NPC called Hayato. Apparently the Kitsune knew very well this cleric and they began to talk for ten minutes straight, with clearly flirting for their part. We couldn't talk or interfere, because we weren't the protagonists or important on this campaign.

Meanwhile they were flirting, I disconnected, I said goodbye to the party full of such nice and patient people and I wrote to the DM saying I was leaving the campaign. To this day I didn't listen more of them and I expect I won't meet them ever.


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