When forsaken by dice gods, in comes mom.

Always make sure that when you do favors for a mega cooperation. Sometimes you encounter people who aren't big fans of that stuff.


During a homebrew campaign, I and two others were tasked with finding a magical meteor. I was a level 10 Ranger kitsune with bright red hair and the others were homebrew classes. One player was missing so it was me and a guy named Shnay (sh-neigh). My character was a princess who abdicated the throne and let her younger twin brother rule. He sent me out to find the meteor and after a session of trying to get the other player to not murder everyone, we found out where to go next. 

In the last session, I arrived first and when I flashed the badge showing I was from the Trade Federation, the megacorp my brother inherited from our mother, I was attacked and had to abandon my ship to save my life. Now a wanted criminal for doing favors for my brother, I and the other player had to be smart. These people hated the TF for betraying and bombing them when the TF waged war on everyone. Most people were framed and it was another story. I had fox ears and a tail I could hide with magic and once I did so we went into town, I also flipped my hood up just in case. 

Sadly we were spotted quickly and I was the main target, so my partner got away just fine. That was a theme this session. I fled into the crowd and bumped into a few people, eventually, because butterfly effect, I caused a riot an got away scot free. 

Shnay and I met up at a dock and saw the boat we needed to get to leaving, since we didn't see anyone at the dock, I knew they were either taking a pit stop or putting something on. So as the person who was wanted I got a speed boat from an old man, I managed to prevent Shnay from stealing it, and sped off as Shnay tried to figure out what the boat was doing there. I soon came to regret my choice. 

I saw a barrel in the water and I thought, that's a bomb. Spoiler alert: I was right. I sped past it but came to be surronded by the barrals. Fog came and I was shot at, getting hit in my arm and leg. The boat was also damaged and to add insult to injury, sharks. This was not bevause I had a malicious DM, this was bacause I rolled a 2 for a random encounter and I was foresaken by the dice gods for a few minutes. I had long guessed the people shooting at me were pirates, people I had narrowly avoided while heading to the island, and I needed to get out of there. Thankfully, some people found my beaten unconcous body, unlickuly, I was stabbed 900 times before I was thrown back into the ocean. Natural 1 for if the people were nice or not. 

However, a callback to my previous character in the campaign. During the TF war, I joined the TF to try and take it over. That was what I did with earning my kingdom, only there was less poison this time. I had killed her so I could join my country with a country names War (where the missing player was from) to become stronger (it was to stop me from going to war with War). This character was the adpotive mother of my current character and her brother, and since nepotism wins out as she had become the person who greets all the dead and offered me the chance at ghosthood. Thank you random encounter nat 20. 

I accepted and was back to life. Now unkillable I can exact my revenge upon those jerks and get that meteor back to my brother. 


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