Verona/War orphans

So this is a story that one of my players had come up with on the spot for a new character idea he had. It was really good and I wanted to show the raw text.


I have more written on crow to person so this backstory is coming straight from the brain hole
so here I go
Two children, a brother and a sister, are left on the steps of the st. Freya orphanage
Ha freya I get it
They live a surprisingly luxurious life, nice beds, good food, most importantly undying love from their caretakers
If you where only seeing everything from the orphanage you'd presume peace and prosperity has been achieved worldwide
But that would be far from the case
Waiting for the twist of tragedy
My expertise I hope (This will take a while to write out because I'm trying to figure out how to set this up right now)
I got time
The bother and sister where inseparable, Their care new of this and gave them their own room
They would do everything together
When they were 7, There was a strange pattern that only the sister seemed to notice. Children where getting sick and taken away to the infirmary room.
Now this is typical for any orphanage and occurred many times before but this time around some kids didn't come back.
Her brother assured her that maybe they have a serious case and needed more time
Her brothers words calmed her and followed along
ohhhh shittttt! this is getting good man
A year after this occurrence those kids who disappeared came back, but missing some "parts". An eye or a finger, small things really. Every child obviously had questions for the missing children and the caretakers.
The missing children and the caretakers claimed the sickness was rotting their bodies and amputations' were required
Freaked out that this sickness could affect them, the caretakers assured the children that the orphanage is safe now.
The brother and sister accepted this answer, when the sickness was going through the orphanage they were never affected so they assumed they were immune anyways
After dinner that day, when they reached their room the brother collapsed in pain.
The sister shocked, she shouted out for help
The caretakers took no time at all, taking the brother along with the sister in tow
When they reached the infirmary however they halted the sister telling her to go back to her room.
Unaccepting of that answer she pushed the caretakers out of the way and broke into the infirmary.
running through the space she noticed all the beds where empty and a hole in the wall leading to a staircase.
knowing she was in deep trouble, she continued to run and went down the staircase
(no don't go down that stair case!)
Reaching the bottom of the staircase, an endless metal corridor with a series of metal doors appeared before her.
her bother still nowhere to be seen
jaws music playing in the background
Continuing down the hall, she found a turn in the hallway with an open door to hide from the caretakers
Closing the door, she found herself in a room of large glass tubes. Filled with a strange liquid with blob like figures inside.
With closer inspection some of those figures where some of the missing kids who still haven't returned
Millions of questions ran through her mind
But she one answer was true, she needs to find her brother
Creaking the door open and finding the coast is clear, carefully wonders through the expansive halls of the infirmary
The halls were mazelike and was easily lost. She was soon sighted by a caretaker exiting a room and captured.
She was placed in a nearby room, an empty padded cube, she tried banging on the metal door but she knew it was no use
She sat there for what seemed hours. Suddenly she found herself being thrown into the room again.
Impossible she thought she was just inside the room
Again the event repeated again and again she was thrown into the room
Each time she found he body slightly modified
Cracks in the skin, arms and legs slightly longer, she could feel herself age with each occurence
She then found herself outside a fortress, men dying at her feet, catapults breaking the walls, she stood there shocked as she has never seen the horrors of war.
Strangely her body contorted her bones exploded out of her body, form claws and a tail of vertebrae.
She slayed anyone who came close to her
She then found herself back in the room as suddenly as before. She looked at her hand wondering what she had become.
Still wanting to find her brother she used her new found abilities to brake open the door
She ran through the halls slaughtering any caretakers she came across
Ripping open door by door, she saw nothing but chambers filled with equipment and strapped chairs. Each time loosing hope until she feel out of her rage and captured by the caretakers that were left
She was then strapped into one of the chairs she found earlier. One of the caretakers, a woman she never seen before, walked up to her.
"You have been nothing short of a smashing success, of course there are still a few issues and you have yet to compare to your bother. But I'm certainly proud of you. I'm sure all of this has been so confusing but after this none of it will matter." The woman walked out of the room and gave the other caretakers a nod.
And so the sister forgot. She forgot the war, she forgot the years of experiments, and she forgot her brother.
Chills man
Her memories replaced with noting but respect and loyalty to the orphanage
i got chills
The sister found herself in her old room, a cloak over her shoulders and a mask over her head.
The woman entered "Hello sweetheart, I have a favor to ask of you. You see someone, with your skills… have been causing a bit of trouble. Would you mind cleaning that up for me?"
She was then given a pouch of gold and a dossier (collection of documents) on her target, a familiar boy with strong innate magical abilities.
The End


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