DnD Story #112 – Random DnD madness

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Yes I agree. That's why I don't like those stick to book on everything junkies. The game I'm dm'ing right now has a unicorn barbarian. A Goliath bard. And a half elf paladin. And they make up the funniest shit. Like the other day they were in a dungeon and they were fighting a queen spider. The bard seduced the queen and then the barbarian stabbed up it's vagina with it's horn and used an ability that I made up for the sake of the unicorn aspect to where depending on what it rolls is how large it's horn grows and she rolled a nat 20 and as the bard was making out with said queen he actually got stabbed through the mouth and killed because of the damage. Killing our bard and queen????I love when people just go with random shit it makes It the besy

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