DnD Story #102 – Always use detect magic.

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In a homebrew 5e game, I have a nameless, mute, child-prodigy monk (he’s not actually a human, but is a scout model Warforged with the inheritor background from which he inherited synthetic skin, but none of the other players know this) with crazy high dex. He’s also highly curious (high Wis) and a little bit of a creeper (low Cha); the other characters would start having private conversations, dealings with NPC’s, etc., and *bam* they turn around and he’s right there eavesdropping.

After a while, the group ends up finding a bell among some random junk. So they get this brilliant idea to tie the bell around my neck and then magic the lace to never come off so I can’t sneak up on people.

Smart-asses didn’t bother to check the bell for magic.

I attune to it, and (thanks to really good rolls) turns out, it’s a storm djinn’s bell, which I can silence at-will, protects me from adverse winds, and as a bonus action, can ring the bell to summon a howling sandstorm in a 120ft radius once a day.  

Needless to say, they don’t like my new toy and have nicknamed my character, “Darude”


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