DnD Story #116 – The Great Escape. Kind of

By: Seth

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So my party consists of an Wood Elf Assassin, a Triton Fighter, a Homebrew War Hulk Giant, and my Tiefling Cleric. 

We are in an advanced dwarven city where there is a shop with a set of armor with spikes on it that deal damage to anyone or anything that attempts to grapple you. 

Anyway, we were being escorted out of the town when the giant was able to sneak into this shop and he tried to convince the owner to buy his swords for 10 million gold. Nat 20. the shop owner explains that he will have to pull the money together and he didnt want to do it because he owed a lot of money to the bank and to the blacksmith. Giant offers to get rid of the blacksmith and the store owner says no and tells him to leave.  So naturally the Giant took the armor. Telling him not to move. (19).  So as soon as the giant exits he tells us to run. and soon the entire town is attacking us. 

As we run we hide from their ranged attacks inside a cave. (which the giant had found through a nat 20) we ran through to the other side where 30,000 of these dwarves piled in. So naturally I use thaumaturgy and yell “Run Dwarves” while I attempted to hide. (nat 20 for stealth 19 persuasion) they all run and then regroup and charge back in. 

And then the giant attempts to persuade them and yells out, “Hey, Stop attacking, he owed us money so we take armor since he could not pay.”

He rolled a Nat 20. and they all believe him and send our party on a quest. 


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