DnD Story #138 – 30 Minutes

How far do you think you could throw a giant werewolf-vampire?


Me and my group are a part of a vampire slaying cult that lives and works in a land overrun by undead. I was a dragonborn fighter with a drow paladin, a human paladin, a birdman ranger, and an insane old human mage. All initiates to the order must go through a test to prove their ability to survive in this harsh land and since the Darkness had not yet come we were instead tasked to survive 30 minutes inside a house with a very high level vampire somewhere within and other baddies.

Fast forward about 10 minutes into our expedition. We get to a room of the house and scare some mercenaries out of the room. We argue and loot the empty room and the DM decides we're taking too long so he has a miniboss werewolf-vampire monster kill the fleeing mercs and attack us. A little later the drow paladin is cornered with a duel spell cast on the werewolf-vampire and things are not looking good for her so I sneak up behind the werewolf-vampire and throw a concussion bomb that stuns and prones the Werepire and takes out a wall, BUT at the same time the other paladin shot it with a pistol while wearing a ring of giant slaying and since it was stunned it autofails the strength check and gets concussed a second time, BUT the drow paladin also hit it with a sword that had thunderous strike on it and it gets concussed a THIRD time.

Well the DM decides enough is enough and the Werepire goes flying out the destroyed wall heavily concussed, smashes through a fountain, and lands (on fire thanks to the pyro mage) 120 feet off in the distance and burns to death while out cold from several heavy concussions, our allies who were surrounding the house were watching this in disbelief.

Later on my party finds a secret lab with future tech and the pyro mage ends up getting a Galaxy Note Tab 7 and causes a semi-nuclear explosion that kills the high level vampire upstairs and the level 15 killbots we unleashed (we were level 3.)

TL;DR – In 30 minutes we managed to send a giant flaming Werepire flying about a third of a football field into the distance and caused a nuclear explosion. This is pretty much every session.



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