DnD Story #206 – First D&D campaign with my GF


So me and my GF decided that for Valentine's day we were gonna D&D for the first time and we were @TheGameShoppe in Bellvue Nebraska beautiful place and wonderful people but the DM we had was like hey we're all level 13 so lets beef your new character up (my GF just wanted to spectate to see what ot was like.) and our DM had this elaborate story created for Valentine's day involving couples killing there spouses then themselves ect. Ect. Well we eventually get shoehorned into going to the local inn and we went there and theres this bard who's new to town amd what not and our paladin tried to flirt with him and get info but he hates women because his wife left him for a blacksmith and what not so she wasnt getting anywhere and our monk and fighter were just doing there own thing so i wapked up the bard as a rogue halfling and just start with friendly banter and he goes on about he just loves halfings and he sings a quick toon about a halfing who slays a dragon and takes the gold to buy shoes for all the other halfings but no one likes them so the halfings give them to the gnomes because there the only ones who can where them. All of asudden the captain of the city watch comes in and tells our party how theres been another murder and takes outside to where his mobile office is and he's got the murderer in there ( a gnome male) and were talking to him and he tells us how he killed his wife by kicking her in the fave with his "magic shoes" which were judt a ratty pair of leather boots. Our monk rushes back into the inn and uses flurry of blows on the bard and hits him all together for about half health and our paladin realizes whats going om and runs in and heals the bard and is like wtf dude and i move in and just decide hmm maybe i can pickpocket him while he's distracted but as our monk goes to attack him again our paladin steps in front of him and stops him so i say eh screw it as a stealthed assasin rogue i basically one shot the bard and two fiends appear and turns out he had summomed an incudubus and succubus to seels revenge on lovers because of his ex wife and what not we had barely even gotten anywhere amd when the monk explains that the only reason he did what he did was because of shoes. ALL BECAUSE OF SHOES WE DERAILED THE DM'S ENTIRE STORYLINE he was so brokem from that comment he just said you know what i need five to process what just happened everyone go smoke


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