DnD Story #251 – How I Tamed a Hydra

This is a story how I tamed a hydra as a dragonborn barabarian


In a campaign I played in there was a warforged rogue, tiefling warlock, a half-orc fighter, and I was playing a Dragonborn Barbarian by the name of Marv. I believe I was level 12 at this point and was making the best use out of feats I could. At the beginning of the campaign I rolled one very poor stat and decided to add an interesting roleplay point by making my wisdom my third highest stat. I believe it was a 16 at this point in the game. A warforged had sent us to go clean up after a Dragon that had been attacking a town so we thought all we would have to do is save some townsfolk kill the dragon no biggy. There was a moat around the fortress holding the dragon and inside the moat came a hydra. My first thought was we were going to die. We start getting around to fighting it with the Hydra ending up grabbing me in one of its mouths and climbing onto one of its necks. That was when a idea from a previous campaign pops into my head. I liked the animal handling skill so I had taken it as a skill when you pick them at first level completely forgetting about it until this very moment. I asked my DM if I could try to take the Hydra, he said why not I'll allow it. I rolled an 18 which became a 25 with my proficiency. My DM rolls and then gets this excited look on his face, he says roll me an athletics check. I rolled and for a Nat 20. He starts dying laughing. He says, “You strangle the Hydra and one of the heads starts to fall unconscious while you beat the other two into it. You roar a mighty roar and the Hydra bows down letting you off it's back and it's heads looking up at you from your feet.” We were all astounded by the fact I had successfully tamed a hydra we hadn't even checked on the town's folk. But that's a story for another time, where I went from Chaotic Neutral to Evil alignment in the span of 5 minutes.


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