DnD Story #67

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So i was a paladin in a party of 3 spell throwers a ranger a cleric and a monk. I was party leader on a quest to kill a buncha trolls in a cave on top a mountain. So the path up the mountain was small so we had to walk single file me being the paladin i wanted to be upfront but noooooo ghe monk HAD to be upfront because he wanted to fight. So we walk for a day up this trail and get almost to the top at night fall so i decide to keep going but it was dark so (without thinking) i light a torch and hand it to the monk upfront. Weeelllll there aas about 7 war trolls not far up the mountain with great bows that saw him immediatly and the monk got hit with 7 arrows. 2 crit on him. Killing him. And the trolls proceed to pick off the rest of the party. Whoops


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