Finally, The New Dungeons and Dragons’ Young Adventurer’s Guide Is Out For Pre-Order

We have a new baby to stack up our collections here


“Dungeons & Tombs” is set to become the third installment in the young adventurer’s guide for Dungeons & Dragons and it is easily the best one yet!

The guide takes young readers into the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons by giving them a crash course of the core of the game. It features maps, monuments, explorable locations and other insights of D&D which helps readers to adapt into the game's surroundings while also developing creativity for playing it. 

When it comes to guides and handbooks for Dungeons & Dragons, there are plenty available both officially and unofficially and they are quite helpful no matter what kind of a player you are. A veteran D&D player usually prefers the Player's Handbook as a tool for the game while the young adventurer's guide is more convenient for young fantasy fanatics who aspire to learn the ins and outs of the game.

Previously, we had "Warriors and Weapons" followed by "Monsters and Creatures" before Dungeons and Tombs was announced. The first installment focused on introducing players with character creation including races, classes and gears to use to kick start the D&D experience. The second installment as its name suggests provided guidance towards the monsters in D&D from those that live underground and those that fly in the sky.

The newest addition of the young adventurer's guide is set to be released on November 26, 2019. However, Amazon has now listed it for pre-order at an affordable price of $9.67.

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