How Grothok the Barbarian Became Grothok the Albatross

This is the story of how my Gold Dragonborn Barbarian became a flying hero for his pirate crew.

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Once a month, I play in a D&D game with a group from my local library over Discord. The game is a pirate themed campaign set in a D&D version of the real world's golden age of piracy. I play Grothok Hur'Kal, a currently Level 5 Gold Dragonborn Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian. After being freed from a slave ship by the heroic pirate Captain Flint, a vehement anti-slaver and proud member of the Brethren of the Coast, I elected to join his crew along with several other freed slaves in hopes that we would find the mage who slaughtered my tribe back in Prussia.

Our adventures brought us to the Caribbean, in search of various magical treasures of Celestial origin. The first we claimed was a Crystal Skull that had clairvoyant and scrying magic, but with enough charges could also cast the Wish spell, so we used it to give each of us players a free Feat. I took the Unearthed Arcana Feat Draconic Wings, because the only thing scarier than a raging Barbarian is a FLYING raging Barbarian.

As our adventures continued, we found ourselves pursued by Captai Flint's archrival Captain Charles Vane, a scoundrel and menace of a pirate who did not follow the Pirate's Code as he was not a member of the Brethren of the Coast. We had faced Vane once before, and I had earned his ire after swinging from a rope on our ship and using my Breath Weapon to set his center mast on fire. Now, he was pursuing us with a captured merchant ship he retrofitted to be a pirate ship. Fortunately, I was able to spot Vane aboard, spoiling his ambush.

As Vane and his crew rushed to get our ship into range of his bow cannons, we got a crazy idea. Our Halfing Beast Master Ranger Brinebeard would swim over to Vane's ship on his giant crab Chauncy to drill holes in the bottom of Vane's ship. Meanwhile, to both look out for Brinebeard and potentially be a distraction, I would use my newly grown wings to fly over to Vane's ship. Much to my chagrin, as a joke, the crew painted me up as an Albatross, aided by a Minor Illusion spell from our Human Hexblade Warlock Lang Jay. 

I flew over and after getting right up in front of the bow of Vane's ship, I repeated my trick from last time, only this time, using my Breath Weapon to ignite the gunpowder of the bow cannons. The front of the ship erupted into flames as Vane's crew rushed to deal with the sinking in the back and flames in front of the ship. I then engaged in an epic two-on-one battle with Vane and his first mate with Vane, unbeknownst to me at the time, being an overall Level 10 Fighter with a few Barbarian levels. Despite being only Level 4 at the time, with my greatsword, I managed to on my own take out a third of Vane's health before Lang Jay fired off a cannon shot that hit Vane's ship perfectly, causing the fire to spread even more and sending Vane and I into the water. With Vane's ship on fire and sinking, he was forced to abandon the pursuit while Brinebeard and I swam back to our ship.

The crew was ecstatic over our victory, with me in particular earning the now honorific nickname Grothok the Albatross. It was one of the most exciting D&D sessions I have ever played. This campaign has DEFINITELY made me fall in love with the Barbarian class. My fellow players and our DM all had a blast and raved about it after the session was over, leaving us excited for next month's session.

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