Spiderman Homecoming Writer Tweets Teaser for Dungeons and Dragons Movie

Looks like Jonathan Goldstein is teasing a script for the movie

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The above tweet seems at first sight to reveal information we already know from July 2019: that the writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are to write the Dungeons and Dragons film. However, it is likely that they will direct it as well. The pair is mainly known for comedy or action films. It remains to be known how they will handle the realm of DnD.

This DnD venture for the writer duo is pivotal for their careers, especially because of the unfortunate event of them having to leave the set of the Flash movie for WB, which was ultimately directed by Andy Muschietti. That mishap, combined with the fact that DnD is alien territory for them, leaves things all up in the air as to what kind of movie they end up helming.

Did you like the movie Dungeons and Dragons (2000)?

It remains to be seen whether the DnD movie is focused on the fundamental lore of the game, with the setting being fantasy, or whether there is a sort of metagame feel to it, with one layer dedicated for the actual human players and the other about the game characters. Whatever it is, there is still quite a while to wait for fans as the movie is set for a release date of late 2021. There are sure to be more updates in the months to come. 

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Let us know what you think about the two writers and how they will approach the script in the comments section!

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