Aarakocra monk

  • Kirrik’s love life

    Kirrik is a 3 year old Aarakocra monk. As a chick he was kidnapped from his home in the elementail plane of air. He got seperated from the kidnapper upon arrival on the primaterial plane and was found by a kind monk called Gyatso and he raised him for a short while, before Kirrik took...
  • The eagle of Freedom

    Even with all his quirks, Kirrik always tried to do the good thing. He merci killed suffering children we could not heal in time. And helped people out who needed it. The party once had to go to a factory full of forced child labour. We found out that the building was about to collapse...
  • Interplanar war?

    So in the campaign there is there is a company using souls to provide energy. This angered an arch Angel who threatened to invade the primaterial plane if this company continued. So Kirrik and one of his perty members, called Creed, infiltraded the office of a high ranking ambassador of said company. There were several...