Thank you wizards for the HUGE GIANT CRAB!??

I dont pay much attention go everyone's class but human fighter, barbarian. Haifling ranger. Kenku rouge. Tabaxi monk. And elvin bard wizard and palidan Level 8


if i may entail you about my group and the recent shenanigans that has gone on. a public group of about 7 had to go through the mad mages dungeon on whiteploom and we come across a (huge) giant crab guarding a fancy chest our kenku opens up by nat 1 shooting a hile inti the bubble holding the boiling water back and he caused a hole in it next was my turn and me being the zealot barbarian i am rage and rush the crab but i was shi 2 squares there after our ranger hits the crab with a spike growth and calls the rest of tge party to the room. some rolls later our DM gave the crab some legendary action since there were to many of us. our bard and wizard both cast cloud of daggers at level 4 under the crab and there was still the spiked growth the monk at my side meleeing it the crad managed to get its first hit on me grappling me its second hit grappled the monk. now in the book it siad the crab fights smart and there was 2 clouds of daggers still about it bacjs up and starts to drag me and the cat monk through those clouds and the spike growth and let me say the monk was not happy taking alittle over 2/3 of his HP let alone he was damaged as is while im sitting there brushing off the damaged like it was nothing i was at 105 and by the time ceab was killed i was at around 58 HP and the monk was used as an improvised weapon against the halfling and making his death saves everyone was just laughing at this luje it was not even the worse of the shenanigans that went one and i do say a level in fughter helps as a barbarian when your geten beaten aroynd as a rag doll by the red loster's daily special, slimes, shadows, and air elementals. though tonight i get to level and will be taking the tough featto increase my HP by 20.



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