DnD Story #17

By: Dylan Van Essen


In the first couple missions of a campaign, we were heading into a goblin cave trying to find a dwarf who has gone missing. My 3 brothers and I are playing getting used to our character while one of them was DM. 1 Dragonborn orc, 1 halfling rogue and myself a human monk who loves the booze. we get inside of the cave defeat the bugbear inside but as more enemies pile in, our sorcerer goes on death saving throws from arrows raining down on us from the other side the bridge. we cut the bridge quickly, drag his unconscious butt over and stabilize. thinking of an escape plan. the rogue and monk shoved the sorcerer into a barrel and secured it and threw it into the river knowing that the river came to the mouth of the cave. I rolled high enough to break the dam (goblin made) with some well-placed kicks. dam breaks flushing away our sorcerer in the barrel and apparently a bunch of goblins who were coming up the tunnel and killing them. we (rogue and monk) made it out safely after running by a hostage situation and full on ignored it because the goblin shouted: “stop or the human dies”. thinking that human was me, the human monk we double-dashed out the cave and retrieved a very unconscious sorcerer outside. the hostage died due to us just running away who was apparently a very important character in the story according to the DM. best escape we’ve done to date.

p.s. the human monk died in this campaign much to my dismay (let my gf roll for me on death saving throws she rolled a  nat 1 thus killing my char. any other roll I would have been alive…) we still together ?


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