Ignis, the rogue who went in a blaze

This is the second campaign that I did with my friends for DnD, unlike the last, this story is PG.

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after we failed the last campaign (due to a certain dark elf) we began a new one. all the same people, me, Nick, and Jaymie, with Anthony being our DM again. during this time our schedules were becoming really weird so Anthony made us a special homebrew campaign where we didn’t have to go to every session. we started on the last day of school and Jaymie didn’t go so after the rest of us took her bus to her house so that we could start this game, I asked Jaymie if I could bring a friend to play with us, his name is Jesus. She agreed and we went over. (side note after we finished the first session and Jesus left, Jaymie told us that she felt uncomfortable with him, he reminded her of someone that sexually harassed her. the only reason she agreed before was because she can’t say no). for this new game, I decided to play as a neutral evil human rogue by the name of Ignis, he is the son of 2 sorcerers and knew the firebolt cantrip (thank you Anthony). Nick wanted to play as trevor belmont from castlvania and Jaymie played as a succubus that was also neutral evil. Jesus played as a neutral good ranger. the way that this campaign worked was that we were apart of a mercenary guild and would do quests, if you were not able to come on a day, that meant that your character stayed behind at the guild. starting the campaign, we began on a pirate ship and were attacked by pirates (go figure). after defeating them and reaching the shore, we were to look for a Mr. E (Mr. E = mystery, get it. Anthony is sooo creative). Mr. E had sent one of his minions to greet us. he gave us a letter telling us to go into this dungeon. before we did that, we explored the town and bought some things. Jesus, having not played DnD before tried to pick pocket the weapon store clerk, and somehow succeded, I then proceeded to pick pocket him as a joke. (Anthony told him later that he can’t steal from people since he was neutral good and said that if he did it again he would get an alignment sanction). through this I had gotten a silver short sword. later, going through the dungeon, we were forced to fight a banshee and some strawed zombies. I was sneaking and attacked banshee with my silver short sword. this is my greatest moment, to attack I rolled a crit 20 and when rolling for damage, I got a 5 + 6 for my sneak and then x3 for silver being super effective against undead. I did a total of 66 damage and one shot it.(we realized later that we were supposed to add my strength mod to damage but we all didnt know until much later). after that, we had to fight a beholder, to which at level 1 we were able to do well over half of its health (I got another crit 20 and Jaymie was able to roll a really high amount of damage on her attack. also, by this point Jesus already left). sadly we were all defeated by the beholder and were then transported to a guild hall, where we met Mr. E, he told us that that was a trial for us and we passed. he gave us the guild hall and we next had to do a sort of olympics, winner would have their guild enstated. we all competed and Jaymie was the first to lose, followed by nick and then me (the rogue went last surprisingly). another guild got the enstatement so our next mission was to spy on them. we wore their robes so that we could blend in. we found out that they were evil and just had to prove it. because of our intelligence as in our actual intelligence not our characters, Jaymie and I decided to move the rug which allowed us to basically ignore the entire guild base. we discovered the hard evidence that they were evil and left to go outside and inform the mayor that they were evil. originally, Anthony made it so that only half the soldiers were supposed to be on our side due to us wearing the robes so they would be unclear of if we were actually good, but Nick decided to roll preformance to take of the cloak and got a nat 20. this made all of the soldiers fight with us as we had to fight the massive monster creatures that this guild was making. when defeating them all, the mayor gave us the enstatement instead. after this, everything turned into the quest type game. not to bore you I will just say that at some point I got 3 dynamite belts. Jaymie was getting pretty tired of this game, she wanted real story so for our last session, Anthony just placed us in a difficult dungeon so that we could die and go to the next campaign. while in the dungeon, we happened upon a room that had a mindflayer in it. we fought but we only able to get maybe 20 points of damage on it. after both Nick and Jaymie had already died and I was the only one left, I decided to use the dynamite and explode myself along with the mindflayer. after all the rolls and calculations, I was just able to kill the mind flayer and go out in a blaze of glory. very fitting since Ignis by definition refers to combustion and fire. to this day, Ignis is still one of my favorite characters that I had. and that is how that campaign ended.


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