#roleplay shenanigans #nat20

  • We had a chaotic stupid character

    It started out by my character a warforged barbarian, along with a dragon blood sorcerer, and a goliath fighter on a 330 ft merchant ship. something you should know befor reading the rest of this story is that the only time the person got nat 20s were when he was doing something stupid, and he...
  • When forsaken by dice gods, in comes mom.

    During a homebrew campaign, I and two others were tasked with finding a magical meteor. I was a level 10 Ranger kitsune with bright red hair and the others were homebrew classes. One player was missing so it was me and a guy named Shnay (sh-neigh). My character was a princess who abdicated the throne...
  • How our goliath rogue pulled off a near impossible rescue mission.

    Corlis our groups youngest human rogue had gotten herself captured by one of the local mobs and they were planning on torturing her for information. Taskar a slim swimmer build goliath rogue, Dolokov gnome monk and their instructor had received information of where she was being held, a facility that has a pharmacy as its...
  • How The Fighter Accidentally Got A Girlfriend

    This is my favorite D&D story to tell to whoever will listen to me. It all takes place in a homebrew world near the beginning of a campaign that I am still running to this day. The party consists of six players, but this story focuses on the human fighter. The party has just come...
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