The Time We Gained Two Levels While Dealing Less Than 20 Damage.

This is a Story about a 5th edition Evil campaign in a Modern Sandbox setting in a Homebrew world our Dm made


Alittle Background: this group of players had been playing various campaigns over two Years, this campaign is a newer one of ours but a good one, we use a lot of homebrew so I will explain these Classes and Races as they come up.


We are all people who met through getting kicked out of a bar and detained for a short time (Standard D&D sofar) this is where most of us met each other, A Drow who with makeup easily passes as a normal Elf, Mallow, who is a class I cannot remember at the moment as it’s one I haven’t used myself (Scholar maybe). A Half Tabaxi Wild Magic Sorcerer, Kyoko, (A Neko Loli who really hated she was both of those things), and Augmented Crocodile Lizardfolk, Jack, (Augmented is Essentially a class where you are an evolving cyborg starting with a metal arm and eye) and then There is one of my characters. In the Cells when asked to introduce myselfIi explained how there was a large stoic warforged names Ron in a fancy outfit glitching out at the Antimagic runes of the Holding Cells, for context the whole bar was detained after a bar fight. Anyway after a bit of talking and getting to know each other we are all interview individually and then let free giving fake names to the cops as we all intended to do crimes in the future. Then when being released my warforged self was given his Owl familiar back and that’s when the real fun started for me. You see I wasn’t the warforged at all. I was an Unchained familiar, who was a homebrew version of Artificer, my Subclass being Golem Smith, so Ron was my Golem he wielded most of the starting equipment I couldn’t being a size tiny, but I still had a set of Scalemail and some thieves tools with me, after messing with my fellow players abit because my character had a limited telepathy combined with the fact that Ron Can’t speak before quickly revealing my true self and the whole call getting a good kick out of it. on our way back to Jack’s Hotel from the police station we already started getting to know each other well enough that we were planning a heist, remember we are all evil or neutral characters. we started scouting places out the next day and found a music shop, book store, or clothes store to rob in the middle class part of town, of which we ended up deciding that we were robbing the music place cus instruments are Pretty expensive in modern day. After some careful planning and stealing a Boat 3 days later we struck, our plan was a simple but effective one, we were gonna rob the place in broad daylight, and let me go into more detail how everything went down.


A few days earlier I used my tinkers tools to sneak into the ducts and scope out the security where I would be the majority of the job until the rest of the team went in the back door, but first the distraction had to happen, Kyoko with the fact she was a Neko Loli, seduced a fat nerd into going on a date with her easily he then had him go into the bookstore next door with alcohol over 80 proof and fire bolted it, causing the store and nerd to erupt into flames as a molotov went off inside. afterward Kyoko slipped into the crowd and left, it was too suspicious for her to help with the robbery at that point. Meanwhile as the fire starts, Jack breaks in kills the owner in one punch (10 damage) and messes with security, Looping it so there was no trace of us. then Ron, Mallow and Jack started hauling out the loot while I flew above the shop taking watch They loaded 3 trips into the boat and we all got into the boat and left with the Dead Body (this would be important later) and went to the drop off point and unloaded, afterward knowing the cops would be searching for the boat, we put the dead body inside as I drove the boat as the Owl, After the cops gave chase I steering it to open waters and flew away low to the water undetected and that was that! The heist was a success, We all made it to Level 2, and that was the first crime to happen in this city in a long time but it wouldn’t be the last, About a month and a half later in game We would rob a jewelry store for our Second heist. in between times we pulled some strings and bought a Barn as a home and hideout with lots of farmland so we have some legitimate business.

After the down time we had a new plan together, we were going to frame the jewelry store’s owner for making an insurance fire while we robbed the place blind, we did this one in the dark of night as that would make it easier, I broke into her place, stole the keys to the shop as well as planting papers saying she hired mercenaries for the jewels and fire, killed and stole her Pomeranian (cus Jack wanted to eat it and it’s easier to carry it out silently when dead, only 9 damage) and made off with both without a trace because being an owl is fun, meanwhile the rest of the group robbed the place after I gave them the Key and after Jack and Mallow disabled security. I should probably mention the other PC in our party, the Dm’s brother, a piranha triton, who was only really around for the down time and couldn’t make this session so the Dm had him pull the distraction where he would hijack all the boats in the harbor and crash them into each other, so needless to say the cops would be busy. After the party robbed the place they burned it to the ground and got away without a Trace. we gained our next level and the heist was complete. 

Those are the easiest 2 levels I have gained in my life and by far the most fun, another thing I love about this is this is the one campaign where our characters don’t disagree at all, We are all in sync and work together to do what we want!

Sometimes it can be good not to worry about morals, makes for less arguing…


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