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    Sea Turtle nearly wipes party

    (Hello so this is my first time sending something like this. Hope I did it right and that you guys enjoy the story)     A few months before this story took place I was extremely new to D&D. I had a burning desire to become a good DM and to fit my world I...
  • From Tickster Goblins to Eldrich Horrors

    I am not an experienced GM by any strech of the imagination. Most of my games self made games are, in my opnion not very good. I aways get very positive feedback from my players but, I seem to always mess up once or twice a session or have to take time to look up...
  • The Time I Accidentally Started the DM vs PC Cold War

    I want to preface this story by saying: first, I am sharing this with the DM's permission; second, no one involved bears any hard feelings from the conflict that happened. In fact, we're glad it happened, as it was an educational experience and is a great story. There's a bit of background to this story...
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    DnD Story #166 – My DMing Experience

    Being that this my first time DMing, (and I was running a game with 10 first timers), I was setting up for failure since the start. I had a fun idea to have 7 heros and 3 villians. These villians would be able to interact and be apart of the story in ways the couldnt...
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